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A contemporary oil painter based in New York City, Jason Birmingham explores the intersections of human presence, environmental resilience, and the complexities of occupancy, identity, and ownership. Influenced by the enduring relevance of Edward Hopper's work while embracing a cinematic approach to composition and lighting, he creates nocturnal atmospheres where artificial light illuminates the contradictions of modern life and underscores the irony of hyper-connectivity amidst deepening personal disconnection.

Inspired by contrasts between his rural upbringing and urban experiences, the artist weaves allegorical narratives that explore the psychological and physical margins of what we consider 'home'. His work examines how people linger in spaces they no longer occupy and why once-cherished things become neglected.

Birmingham casts artificial light as a protagonist, dramatically setting the stage for insects and indistinct figures to play supporting roles. This light creates tension and symbolizes humanity's unrelenting impact on both natural and constructed environments. Employing techniques such as strategic reflections and expanding the blind field—areas within the painting shrouded in obscurity or extending beyond the frame—he challenges the viewers' initial perceptions and engages them as active participants rather than passive observers.

Through his paintings, the artist aims to foster contemplation about environmental stewardship, evolving family dynamics, and the ambiguities of truth in contemporary discourse. Ultimately, he strives to provoke thought and expose the paradoxical reality of our decisions, advocating for a deeper understanding of our relationship with the world and our notion of home in an increasingly isolated culture.


Birmingham grew up in the forests of Eastern Oregon before relocating to Southern Arizona, where he spent over a decade immersed in the nocturnal rhythms of restaurants and cocktail bars—an experience that echoes in his later works. Aspiring to refine his studio practice, he relocated to New York City. Following graduation from Hunter College in 2022, the artist was invited for his debut solo exhibition with Long Story Short. Since then, his paintings have been shown alongside emerging artists in NYC and London and were featured in recent issues of Vanity Fair UK. Based in New York City, he continues to create art that captures the allure of the night.

Website Portrait. Birmingham.heic




Currently lives and works in New York, NY




2022      BFA in Studio Art with Departmental Honors, HUNTER COLLEGE, New York, NY




2023     "It's Not the Heat, It's the Dust" — GROVE, London, UK

             "The Midnight Hour" — THE HOLE, New York, NY — organized by SCROLL


2022     "Eleventh Hour" — LONG STORY SHORT, New York, NY — solo exhibition

             "Open Tab" — LEUBSDORF GALLERY, New York, NY

             "Welcome Home" — SHELTER GALLERY, New York, NY — curated by Tyler Brandon




2024      "A Splash Of Colour," Vanity Fair UK, April. Print.

              "Hall Of Frames," Vanity Fair UK, March. 30th Annual Hollywood Edition. Print.

              "In The Studio," Vanity Fair UK, February. Print.


2022     “Open Tab: Exhibition Catalogue. New York: Bertha and Karl Leubsdorf Gallery, May.




              WOLF HILL, Chappaqua, NY

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